What is Financial Planning?

Financial planning is like using both a telescope and a microscope to understand your big-picture goals.

Financial planners hold well-rounded education and perspectives. We provide a holistic approach, which is very different from services provided by accountants and bankers, for example.

Our honest goal is to earn your trust. If a financial product fits into your plan, we receive a commission that rewards us for our work on your behalf.

We invite you to join us for a free consultation today!

We can help!

  • Develop a workable financial plan
  • Advise about other professionals who can provide expertise in specific areas, such as investments, law, accounting
  • Review progress periodically to keep you on track
  • Identify financial needs and goals
  • Assess current finances by reviewing past tax returns, income sources, assets, insurance, wills, etc.
  • Educate and offer strategies and options


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    Focus on You

    At Financial Planning Associates, we strive to serve as the “concierge” for your broad financial needs. Our network of financial professionals includes individuals who hold respected industry designations.


    Our highly credentialed network has received extensive training and can introduce additional solutions to help you reach your goals related to financial planning and investment management.

    Certified Financial Planner™ and CFP®
    Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®)
    Certified Public Accountant (CPA®)

    Our Associates

    We have a network of financial associates behind our local service to bring order to your financial life…and keep it that way!