Give Back

We have partnered with major national banks that will provide guaranteed annual donations to charitable organizations, from $25,000 in year one to over $250,000 or more a year, for the lifetime of the donors.

These Same Banks Will Also Pay A Life Insurance Premium For Donors That Could Leave Charitable Organizations Several Million Dollars in Future Endowment Benefits.

Three Proprietary “Game Changing” Exclusive Features Never Before Available to the Charitable Community.

  1. Annual Donation to Charity Starting in the First Year
    – Creates a Continuous Annual Income Stream to the Charity for the Life of the Donor/Insured
  2.  Financed Premiums Fully Funded in One or Two Years
    – Overfunding of Premium Increases Cash Value & Death Benefit
  3. Best of All, No Out of Pocket Cost to the Donor/Insured
    – No Premiums, No Loan Payments for the Lifetime of the Donor
    – Donor/Insured Only Posts Loan Collateral for Approximately 10 – 15 Years Until Cash Value Growth Exceeds Loan Debt
  • At Donor’s Death, Loan is Paid Off and Charity Receives Up to 50% of Death Benefit…Potentially Millions of Dollars
  • Beneficiaries of Donor Receive Remaining Death Benefit, Income TAX-FREE and Estate TAX-FREE!